Real estate at human scale

Tikva Group is a real estate companies consortium having as objective to acquire atypical assets in order to put it back for sales for individual purchasers, investors and merchants.

With a real-estate portfolio composed of more than 300 assets, Tikva Group is offering a large ammount of real estate projects at a competitive price, and whose qualities (location, proximity with labor pools) allows purchasers to invest sustainably, as an individual or a professional.

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Domaine de Guidel
Parc de Guidel
Clos du Penty
Pré de Scubidan
Jardins de Guidel
Domaine de Mortagne
Château de Mortagne
Château du Dourdy
Résidence Cassiope
Résidence des Glénan
Résidence Trévidig
Résidence du Belvédère
Résidence des Narcisses